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2010-04-24 18:56:24 by DjUntold

Check it out, really fun song to make :).
It was made all with sounds sampled from my mic, and a couple of sounds sampled from Rig's sample packs. /327898

:o :p :3

2009-07-28 11:35:33 by DjUntold

Well, this is probably the first new song that I've felt is worthy of a news post... If you frequently check out my profile, or just enjoy good ambient music with a nice beat, have a listen to my newest song...

The Current: /259046

MoonSight 18

2009-03-09 22:53:04 by DjUntold

A very special song.
Give it a listen!
A very special listen, just for me! haha.

MoonSight 18

MoonSight 18

Winter Green is Complete!

2009-01-14 22:47:14 by DjUntold

Givveeerrr a listen! /203321
My best song yet.

Also: Happy 2009! This will be my first song for the year!

Well, both of these songs were made very closely together, so I decided to post them both at the same time. They are both completely different, and have a very different meaning. Please give them a listen!

Shift Neurotoxin II

2008-06-17 13:54:12 by DjUntold

Yes, it's called Shift Neurotoxin "II"
it has the two, because it is the second attempt at the song, not because there is another version.


First of all, at the beginning it sounds like its going to be a classical ambient song, originally, yes thats what it was. But, when i started creating this song a friend of my really pissed me off and changed my whole perspective on things for a while. So then i decided, oh fuck it, DnB time.

- The part in the song where you hear the girl say "did you hear that?" was put in there because that is something that always scared me when i was a little kid. When my parents used to say that, like if they heard a weird noise, it would scare the hell out of me.

- The peaceful chorus throughout most of the song is to represent my childlike self that stays with me throughout my life, but also the hard times i go through.

- And finally toward the end of the song when you hear the song's mood change completely very abruptly, that is to represent how quickly my life can turn around, its not an error :P

Also, if you're looking for that deep grimey bass, don't you worry, THERE IS A DEEP GRIMEY BASS IN THE SONG. make sure to turn down the volume a little bit because the drums are a little louder than the chorus.

Thanks for listening!
- Total time i worked on this song ::: About 1 month :::

Please vote fairly! this song took alot of effort, and even if you don't like faced paced DnB i would appreciate if you still listened to the whole song and didn't just rate 0 because you thought it was too fast.

- With great respect,

"Swept Away."

2008-01-05 03:54:32 by DjUntold

Just released my new song "Swept Away" it was written over a period of 2 weeks, about 20 hours of work total.

Well, mostly it was my girlfriend Fallon, she inspires a lot of my music, along with my love for the ocean coast. When i listen to this song i think of a solitary island in the middle of the ocean, I'm sitting on the beach watching the waves splash up against my feet, there is a slight breeze that makes my hair sway in the wind. A beautiful sight.

Maybe you will see the same thing as me, or maybe you will see something different.

Go check it out!

- Aaron

"Swept Away."


2008-01-04 01:55:58 by DjUntold

I forgot to announce this, my birthday was Dec. 12 and i'm now 18, woot!!

check out the new Trance song [Sunshine in my Eyes.]


2007-12-06 00:27:55 by DjUntold

Hello All!

Dj Untold here, im a new user here at newgrounds, im 17 years old and im a Student at SRRHS.
i love to make music, it is my passion, and if its yours too then talk to me! :P
So far life has been treated me great, i have a lovely girlfriend named Fallon, she is the perfect girl.
im thinking of asking her to marry me in the upcoming years (maybe when im 21), we've been together for a long time now and are holding steady.

I'll be posting some of my music here on newgrounds soon when i get situated with my new computer and all,
umm, thanks for reading! and i hope to get to meet you all.

if you would like to contact me or talk to me

My myspace is:
My Msn is:
My e-mail address is:
and my AIM is: FiremanXfire

im mostly on msn tho.

hope to see you all soon!

Oh and this is my love: she is beautiful :)